Clearwater Steelhead

This is an exciting time of year for Steelhead Junkies!!! We are looking forward to another awesome season on the Clearwater. It is no secret that the A-run counts are WAY down. This is bad news for anglers who like to fish the Snake, Salmon, and Grand Ronde. Fortunately for Clearwater anglers early season predictions and PIT Tag counts indicate that our B-Run return is looking good. Historically speaking, B-Run steelhead typically cross over Bonneville Dam after August 25th. The IDFG graph definitely shows an uptick in counts that is a bit closer to "average" after August 25th. Actual fish counts from 9-3 to 9-9 have nearly 18,000 steelhead crossing Bonneville. It is always tough to predict exactly how our runs are going to shape up. We stay in close contact with the regional biologist, monitor the counts, watch water conditions, and much more... At the end of the day, the best indicator is a line in the water. 

Even though the A-run counts are down, they are all hanging out in the lower Clearwater. Despite the low numbers, the fish are bigger than normal, a lot of them are pushing 10 pounds. The weather is good, we are catching steelhead, and the B's are on their way. We will keep you posted as the season gets underway. 

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