About Ryan.

Ryan Pitcher grew up fishing the Snake River and Clearwater River in Idaho. Ryan has over 30 years of fishing experience and guides in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Ryan holds a United States Coast Guard Master Captain’s License. Ryan enjoys sharing and teaching others about these great fisheries. His passion for the outdoors is evident when you fish with him. Ryan is the General Manager and partner of Clearwater River Company LLC. 

Ryan'S favorite FISH STORY...

"One of my favorite stories comes from Alaska. The weeks prior to a group coming up to Alaska for their first silver salmon fishing trip, the group leader called the lodge on a daily basis, if not more. I had no worries about easy limits, sore arms, and fish-tales that would last the group a life time, so I did my best to reassure them that the fishing was going to be great. After at least a dozen phone conversations it was finally the group’s arrival date. As I made my way down river to catch the float plane, I passed literally thousands of silver salmon stacked up along the river’s edge and thought to myself about the week ahead with this new group.

I was excited to put their worries at rest and get them into some Alaska Silvers. The river that we would fish for the week was a gin-clear tributary to a larger glacial river that had virtually no visibility. I made my way down to the glacial river just in time for the float plane to glide in and make its water landing. I caught the plane and pulled my boat up alongside the plane to offload the clients and their gear. As you would guess, the very first thing the client asked was “How’s the fishing, have you been catching any?” 

As I stood there knee deep in the glacial river contemplating on how to answer the question, I could feel a school of silvers bumping into my leg and one of them nosed up against my calf to rest. With a quick stab into the water, I hoisted a silver from the water with my bare hand and replied “pretty good.” The look of excitement on their faces and anticipation that filled the air was priceless. I thought to myself, this is why I guide! I love the opportunity to share nature’s resources with others and love what I do. I hope to see you out on the water. "

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Ryan, Thank you for one of the best trips of my life. My daughters and I had a great time fishing
with you. Thanks for everything!
— Doug M, Portland Oregon
What a trip a great trip Ryan. We really enjoyed spending the day with you. Thank you for all that
you taught us and we will see you next season.
— Tom R., Boise, Idaho