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The Washington / Idaho board is formed as the Snake River flows north through Hells Canyon. This region of Washington offers excellent fishing opportunities on a number of rivers for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and Smallmouth Bass.

Come catch a Snake River Steelhead!  Steelhead begin to show around Clarkston, Wa in Late July.  These early steelhead are classified as a summer A-run and usually weight 4-7 pounds.  These steelhead remain in the area until September, continuously building in numbers before the eventually head further upriver towards Hells Canyon.   In the fall and winter months steelhead fishing can be fantastic in the Heller Bar area.  Heller Bar is 26 miles from Clarkston, Wa. A scenic drive along the river is the only way in and out of this area.

The Snake River has two distinct runs of salmon each year.  Spring Chinook, aka “Springers,” return to the Snake in late April as they make their way back to their natal spawning grounds.  These fish average 12-15 pounds and exceed every other fish in their table quality.  The Springer fishing takes place just outside of Clarkston, Washington and makes this a convenient and tasty fishery.  The second run of salmon that return to Southeastern Washington is the Fall Chinook. Anglers on the lower Columbia refer to them as “Up River Brights,” and they too are sought after for their great table fare.  Early September is often considered the “peak” of the fishery. Some Fall Chinook will exceed thirty pounds and give you a real challenge landing them. Our Snake River Salmon and Steelhead Guides have years of experience and are considered to be some of the best in the state. Let us guide you into your next salmon or steelhead.        

You cannot get any closer to touching one of Earth’s relics as you can when holding a white sturgeon. These fish are modern day dinosaurs and are like no other fish that you have caught. The sturgeon in Hells Canyon can reach sizes of 12 foot and more!  A trophy sturgeon in this region is considered anything over 100" (8' 4").  During trophy times (May-June & September) a typical day involves hooking into three to five fish over 6 feet.  One of the greatest things about Hells Canyon is its remoteness and beautiful canyon walls. If you want to truly test yourself as an angler against one of the strongest fish in North America this is the fishery for you.  Our sturgeon guide days are limited so book now if you'd like to give these monsters a shot (hyperlink to southeastern Washington trips).  

Smallmouth Bass are extremely plentiful in this region.  During the summer months they can provide fast paced action for anglers of all ages and skill levels.  There are trophy Smallmouths available for the dedicated angler in the 4-6 pound range. These larger “smallies” can be caught drop-shotting during the summer and those who are dedicated will have a real opportunity at catching a true trophy.

The beautiful and scenic Grande Ronde River flows from North Eastern Oregon and through South Eastern Washington before finally emptying in to the Snake River at Heller Bar. This river’s reputation often proceeds itself. Spey fishing for steelhead can be amazing on this river. Spey anglers flock to this little slice of heaven in the fall to swing up A-Run Steelhead. During the summer our Grande Ronde Guides share this incredible bass fishery with clients from around the region. No matter your species of choice, fishermen can count on a beautiful float through a roadless canyon.  Bighorn sheep, Elk and Deer often outnumber the fisherman 100's to 1 in this area.

The average Grande Ronde River Steelhead is 5-7 pounds with numerous fish over 10 pounds being landed each season.  The Steelhead season typically kicks off here in mid-September and builds continuously November. The Grande Ronde does usually freeze in the winter.  After the ice comes off in February there are large numbers of steelhead available through the rest of March for those ready to fish.

The Grand Ronde River Smallmouth Bass are one of the most popular species to catch during the summer.  Immense populations means a high number of fish caught per day.  The Grande Ronde provides the perfect structure, water temperature and forage for smallmouth bass which leads to a nice average size and the possibility of catching a true toad! Add in beautiful weather and a truly wild/remote float and you have the makings of an adventure you'll never forget.

Let our Snake River and Grande Ronde River Guides put you on the fish!

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June - September

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