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~ Clearwater River Fishing Report ~

We are in the home stretch of the Clearwater Steelhead Season. Don't miss out, only a few weeks left to get in on a trip. If you can't make it for steelhead, our guides will be going after salmon, sturgeon and bass for the rest of the summer.

We have an awesome team of professional guides that consistently put clients on the fish. Anyone interested in booking a guided trip on the Clearwater River Idaho for steelhead can email us or give us a call at:




Report Date: 2-22-15


     As we enter into the last few weeks of the season things are really shaping up. Warmer weather and rain caused some significant snow-melt earlier this month and the river blew out for a about a week. The river has been on the drop and is fishable. The river has been consistently high for the past 6 weeks, but the fishing has continued to be good. Anglers must focus their efforts on the seams and softer water. All of our guides have been catching fish on a consistent basis. 


    The upper river will likely see some great catch rates as the river continues to drop back into shape. The weather forecast looks pretty moderate for the next 10 days. Bait usually out performs during periods of off-color water. Bobber and bait or back-trolling will be good options. Boats anchored in choice positions could have great success. With off-color water work the soft sides of seams.   


South Fork:

    There are fish throughout the entire system. Fly and gear anglers are all finding success. Watch the water levels and weather forecast. Catching is typically best when the flows first start dropping and clarity is 2-4 feet. Don't trespass and ask permission before joining a group of anglers in a run.   


North Fork:

    The North Fork was really putting out fish when the water was blown out. Anglers fishing the fresh water seams did really well. There will be a few fishing moving into the North Fork. The lower river season is about wrapped up.


Upper River: (Above Orofino)

    The fish between Kooskia and Orofino have remained more spread out than in the lower river. Most the fishing pressure has been between Kooskia and Kamiah. The entire river has had higher than normal flows. Certain sections do not fish well with high water, make sure to pick runs that can handle the increased volume of water. When in Rome do as the Romans! If you go into a run and someone is already fishing that run, ask to join them and fish a similar fashion. The best fishing will be on the upper river over the next few weeks.


Lower River: (Below Orofino)

    The trend lately is to fish around Pink House, however there are plenty of fish lower in the system, if you're willing to ignore the flows and fish the soft water you can see. As the high water recedes, the last of the fish will move into the runs next to the hatchery and upriver.

    We still have a few prime dates available. Now is the time to book your trip for the final few weeks of spring 2015 steelhead fishing.

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~ Clearwater River Fishing Links ~

     Red Shed in Peck is the place to go for anything related to Spey / Fly fishing.

     Camp-Cabin-Home in Lewiston will fill the needs for any gear fishermen. Camp-Cabin-Home has opened a new store in Orofino!!!!!!!! The new store is located right off Highway 12.  

     The entire river is barbless hooks only!!!!

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A quick note on the harvest report... A lot of this data is interpolated. Only a couple of anglers are actually checked and the rest are just counted from the road. The numbers are also based on previous year counts.  

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    Lodging is available through reputable local area motels. We like and recommend Clearwater Crossing RV Park, Orofino, ID, Lewis-Clark Resort, Kamiah, ID, The Lodge at River's Edge & Helgeson Place Hotel, Orofino, ID and Idaho Sportsman Lodge, Sites, ID.


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RIVER ETIQUETTE:  This is a big SMALL river. When someone does something rude, word travels fast. Some of the stuff that has been going on is just plain common sense. If someone "CORKS" you, take the higher road, say something POLITELY to let them know what they did wasn't cool and continue on with your day. If it is a guide boat, take a picture or write down the boat description, get the outfitter initials off the boat, ask them for their name, and try to get the sticker number. Call the Idaho Outfitters Guides and Licensing Board and report them. If it is a private boat get their boat description and registration number, and spread the word. They will black-list them selves very quickly.

     We are all out here to have fun and catch fish, but not at the expense of other people.

1) Don't Low Hole - If you want to fish a run, either go 150 yards down stream and start or wait for the boat in the run to work their way down.

2) When in Rome do as the Romans - If someone is in a run that you want to fish and they are side-drifting, then side-drift with them - Don't CORK them by starting to back-down plugs. If you want to fish it that bad WAIT for them to move on. 

3) Boat anglers should give Bank anglers (fly fishermen included) their space. But at the same time, Bank anglers don't need to try to lob their gear into a boat to make their point.

4) Do not anchor in the middle of the runs and stay there all day. We all have a right to fish through runs, both guides and private boaters. If you anchor up and are blocking the run, you will only cause tension out on the river. If you want to anchor and eat lunch that is one thing, but staying in the same place all day on anchor while tying up the run is another. A great example of this is at 5-mile, there have been a couple boats that get out there at dark-o-thirty, anchor right in the middle of the run and then wonder why they are catching crap from other boats and not catching many fish. The only exception to this rule is the pipeline outside the hatchery, and if your idea of Steelhead fishing is to sit in town all day at the "pipe" by all means anchor away, you are  missing the big picture of coming to the Clearwater. 

5) Give each other some room. Make an effort to see where bank anglers and boat anglers are fishing and try to avoid running over their water.

Here is a link to Poppy's Etiquette page,

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