Located in Northcentral Idaho, the Clearwater River is world renowned for its prolific runs of B Run Steelhead and Spring Chinook. We have a full team of Professional Gear, Spey, and Fly fishing guides ready to put you into fish. Clearwater River Company offers top quality trips at competitive rates. It's easy for others to claim they're the best, LET US PROVE IT!

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Come fish the beautiful Clearwater River, located in North Central Idaho. The Clearwater River is world renowned for its phenomenal run of B-run Steelhead and Spring Chinook. All trips are taken on the Clearwater River between Kooskia and Lewiston, Idaho. 

Gear anglers have great success throughout the entire season. Our expert guides utilize side-drifting, hovering, float-fishing, and back-trolling techniques to catch BIG B-Run Steelhead and Salmon.

Experience remarkable Spey and Fly fishing for Steelhead from September through November. We specialize in traditional Spey tactics. Die hard anglers still find success throughout the winter when weather and water conditions permit. We walk and wade our Spey clients. Indicator fishing can be very productive January through March.


The average Clearwater River Steelhead is 13 pounds with numerous fish over 20 pounders being landed each season. The catch and release season for Steelhead is July 1 through October 14, the catch and keep season is October 15 through April 30.

Experience remarkable Spey and Fly fishing September through November. Our Steelhead Spey Guides walk and wade our Spey anglers! We focus on traditional greased line techniques in the fall and early winter. Our fly fishing guides switch over to indicator fishing in the early Spring. Clearwater River Company offers a top quality service and we are the #1 recommended Spey/Fly Guide Service on the river. 

Gear anglers have great success throughout the entire season. Our seasoned steelhead guides utilize side-drifting, float-fishing and back-trolling techniques to catch BIG B-Run Steelhead. This is a great opportunity to get out of the house during the winter months to hook into these hard fighting fish and enjoy the moderate climate that Orofino has to offer. Our guides will exceed client expectations

Spring Chinook

Spring Chinook are one of the most sought-after fish due to their size and remarkable table fare. The average Springer is 15 pounds with larger fish tipping the scales at 30 pounds.

Our Clearwater Salmon Guides typically back bounce, hover, float-fish, and back-troll for springers. Plugs, prawns, and roe are typically the top producers for these fish.

The springer season and quota are set each spring. The season typically starts in May and runs to July or whenever the quota is met. Clearwater Springers are one of Idaho’s most sought after anadromous fish that return to Idaho. 

Run Timing


Gear Fishing

August 15 - March 15

Spey or Fly Fishing - Swinging

August 15 - December 1

Spey or Fly Fishing - Indicator/Nymphing

January 15 - March 15

Spring Chinook:

Gear Fishing ONLY

May 1 – July 30

We are happy to set up trips for families, corporate events and other large groups. Please Contact us for a quote. Let our Idaho Steelhead Guides get you out on the water and into fish!

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Gear Anglers

Fly Anglers

What is included

Rods & Reels


Bait / Flies

Fish Filleting




What you will need:


Appropriate Clothing

Polarized sunglasses

Mosquito repellant



Baseball cap


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A 3.5% Processing Fee will be added to all trips. A 50% deposit is required to secure trip dates. Full payment is due 14 days prior to trip. Clearwater River Company LLC cancellation policy is as follows; >60 days notice 90% refund of trip cost, 60 to 30 days notice 75% refund of trip cost, < 30 days notice 0% refund
Clearwater River Company LLC is issued CL2 and CL3 Drift Boat Licenses through the State of Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board. Clearwater River Company LLC has booking agreements with other outfitters throughout the Pacific Northwest. When booking with Clearwater River Company LLC the operating outfitter will be identified in the trip confirmation letter. Trips taken on the Clearwater River, Idaho in a Power Boat will be operated by Stott's Fishing Adventures, unless otherwise specified.