New Steelhead and Chinook Salmon Fishing Regulations

Salmon caught on the Clearwater River

Another Steelhead season is fast approaching and we are excited to hook into some of our Giant Clearwater River Steelhead. These B-runs are the largest steelhead that swim into Idaho’s waterways. If you are looking for a fishing trip in Idaho, we have the guides to put you on the fish.

It is no secret that the runs are down again this year. For that reason the Idaho Fish and Game have modified the retention season. It is still a little early to tell how what our numbers will be because traditionally Clearwater B run Steelhead do not start to cross over Bonneville dam until August 25th. So now is the time to start watching. Don’t let the new rule changes deter you from enjoying this great opportunity. A few years ago when the retention regulations were changed, we had AMAZING fishing and catching experiences for our clients.


There has definitely been some mixed emotions about the Chinook Salmon season on the Clearwater. Historically, we have not had a fall salmon fishery. At this point there is an IDF&G proposal, pending permit approval by the National Marine Fisheries Service, for a Fall Chinook retention season. So why the mixed emotions….. Well if the permit is approved, anglers who prefer to swing for steelhead will have higher traffic on the river Thursdays - Sunday. I personally love to Spey fish for steelhead, so I will be recommending that our fly fishing clients book trips Monday - Wednesday. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fly-fish the other days of the week, but be ready for more boats on the water. On the other hand, this is great news for gear anglers who want to tie into a Fall Chinook.

Stay tuned for more information on the Clearwater River, Idaho! For detailed information visit the IDF&G website.

Tight Lines~

Ryan Pitcher