The “Freedom” Boat Owned by Clearwater River Co. LLC, Designed For the Disabled.

Guided Drift Boat Trips

If you have enjoyed fishing but thought your time on the river was over because of mobility issues, maybe you should reconsider! Clearwater River Co. LLC has a boat which is disabled accessible. This boat is equipped with a transom that folds down and becomes a walking or wheelchair ramp. The seats are removable if needed, allowing the wheelchair to roll into the bow of the boat. Once the wheelchair is in place there is a tie down system for the chair to be securely anchored. If it is a matter of a walker, the client can walk up the transom to the front of the boat and then sit in a seat. There is a heater in the bow of the boat to help protect from the cold. So, if you want to get out on the water again, give us a call and make a reservation on our boat named FREEDOM and enjoy your time on the Clearwater River with us.



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